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You can reach me by sending an email to  Glad you found me- the Jeff Mandel with one “l” and the Jeffrey with "rey" (that's "king" if you speak Spanish).

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Several people search for me on the internet by typing in “Jeffrey S. Mandell”, “Jeffrey Mandell”, “Jeff Mandell”, "Jeffery S. Mandel", "Jeffery Mandel", "Jeffery S. Mandell", "Jeffery Mandell", etc. 

My last name contains only one “l”.  When my ancestors came through Ellis Island, they thought that they would be charged by the letter, so they made sure to include only one “l”.  As for Jeffrey instead of Jeffery, well my parents thought they'd be able to take a bigger tax write-off if I sounded "FREE", as in Jeff-FREE.  Ok, bad humor, but . . . . 

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