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New Jersey appeal lawyer Jeffrey Mandel- teaches appeals at Rutgers Law School

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"His experience in New Jersey’s appellate arena . . . keeps Mandel in constant demand." SUPER LAWYERS MAGAZINE (April 2014)

"Mandel’s zippy, idiosyncratic brain is the perfect fit for appellate cases, where tiny discrepancies and bureaucratic minutiae can make enormous impacts." SUPER LAWYERS MAGAZINE (April 2014)

Jeffrey S. Mandel, Esq. is a New Jersey lawyer known for handling some of New Jersey's high profile appeals and for making legal arguments on appeal that change the law in New Jersey. He is the managing partner at The Law Offices of Jeffrey S Mandel LLC, which has offices throughout New Jersey. 

Jeffrey Mandel is experienced in handling any type of criminal, civil, or administrative New Jersey appeal. Importantly, when a client retains Jeff Mandel to handle an appeal or any other case for that matter, it will be Jeff Mandel who reviews the file, writes the brief, and who argues the case. 

New Jersey appeal lawyer Jeffrey Mandel- worked in the Appellate Division

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New Jersey appeal lawyer Jeffrey Mandel- lectures on appeals for the State Bar

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New Jersey appeal lawyer Jeffrey Mandel- wrote the book on appeals in New Jersey

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Jeffrey S. Mandel, Esq.

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Jeff Mandel has been described by the New Jersey Law Journal as an "accomplished appellate advocate . . . responsible for groundbreaking appellate decisions." NEW JERSEY LAW JOURNAL, "Top 40 Under 40" (Aug. 6, 2009)

New Jersey appeal lawyer Jeffrey Mandel- headed the State Bar Appellate Practice Committee

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New Jersey appeal lawyer Jeffrey Mandel- as seen on CNN, Fox News, and TruTV

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Even better for clients- your appeal lawyer is one of the less than approximately 3% of lawyers in New Jersey who is Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney. Jeff Mandel is not only certified, but was recognized in 2015 for obtaining one of the highest personal injury verdicts in the State of New Jersey.

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Jeff Mandel wrote the book on New Jersey appeals, is Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Certified Trial Attorney, teaches about New Jersey appeals at a law school, and has the experience to handle your trial or your appeal from start to finish.

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